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Trekking in the Wild North of Pakistan: 14 Days of Epic Adventure!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the exhilarating journey of a lifetime in the rugged North of Pakistan!

Brace yourselves for 14 days packed with heart-pounding trekking, jaw-dropping views, and unforgettable experiences. Our mission: To conquer the mountains, glaciers, and hidden gems of this mesmerizing region.

Day 1: Arrival in Islamabad - Adventure Awaits!

Our epic adventure begins as we touchdown in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. A warm welcome from our guide sets the tone for the excitement ahead. After settling into our comfortable accommodation, we jump headfirst into a city tour, exploring the vibrant streets of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Day 2: Islamabad - Chilas - Conquer the Karakoram Highway!

Rise and shine because today, we're hitting the road. Fuel up with a hearty breakfast, hop on our air-conditioned tour bus, and get ready to take on the world-famous Karakoram Highway. This 480-kilometer journey is not for the faint-hearted, but the panoramic views of rugged terrain and heart-pounding excitement make it all worthwhile.

En route, uncover ancient petroglyphs dating back to the 1st century BC., a testament to the rich and long-standing history of this region.

Our destination for the day is Chilas, a small bazaar town, where we'll spend the night at a comfortable hotel.

Day 3: Chilas - Gilgit - Minapin - Into the Heart of the Mountains

Today, we dive deeper into the heart of the mountains. Departing Chilas, we make our way to Gilgit, renowned for its spectacular natural beauty. Unique landscapes, evergreen forests, cold deserts, snowcapped mountains, and cultural heritage are the attractions.

Along the way, we will explore Gilgit's vibrant bazaar and pay our respects to the awe-inspiring Kargah Buddha, an ancient archaeological site dating back to the 7th century.

In the afternoon, the journey continues to Minapin with a pit stop at the Rakaposhi viewpoint with breathtaking views of the Minapin Glacier. Rest up for the real adventures ahead in a charming Minapin guesthouse for the night.

Day 4: Rakaposhi Day Hike - Conquer the Heights!

Gear up for a heart-pounding day hike to the Rakaposhi base camp - an ideal introduction to Karakorum trekking, a very soft adventure in the Karakorum Mountains!

We will take a break from trekking with a picturesque picnic in a green meadow overlooking the valley.

Views straight out of your desktop background!

As the sun dips below the mountain peaks, we return to our cozy guesthouse for another well-deserved rest.

Day 5: Minapin - Karimabad - Trekking Epicenter Awaits!

Bid farewell to Minapin as we set our sights on Hunza, Karimabad, the trekking epicenter of the North and the capital center of the famous Hunza Valley.

After a delectable local lunch at our guesthouse, we will spend the afternoon strolling the cobbled streets of Karimabad’s Bazaar. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase some unique cultural handicrafts or local produce for your loved ones back home.

We have the incredible opportunity to explore the ancient Baltit Fort, which boasts a history dating over 700 years. Positioned with strategic brilliance, Baltit Fort offers a commanding panoramic vista of the Hunza region, designed to assess and defend against threats from external forces and potential internal challenges. This historic marvel is a must-visit destination, perched gracefully on an artificially leveled terrain beneath the awe-inspiring Ultar Glacier.

Day 6: Ultar Meadows Day Hike - Summit the Heights!

Prepare for a spectacular day hike to Ultar Meadows, perched above Karimabad - a vantage point worthy of stealing your heart with awe-inspiring views of the Hunza Valley and the surrounding majestic mountains.

Day 7: Karimabad & Duikar Sightseeing - Uncover Hidden Treasures!

Dive deep into the rich history of Karimabad with a full-day tour. Visit the Altit Fort and the Ganish Village, a UNESCO treasure boasting ancient mosques that have stood for centuries.

In the afternoon, ascend to Duikar and witness a mesmerizing sunset from the viewpoint above the Eagle's Nest hotel. As night falls, savor a well-deserved dinner and unwind in our comfortable hotel.

Day 8: Hopar Glacier & Nagar Valley - Trekking Delight!

Set off for a day of discovery in the Hopar Glacier and Nagar Valley. A scenic walk takes you from the viewpoint to the glacier's edge, immersing ourselves in the rugged beauty of the surrounding landscape. Return to Karimabad for another restful night.

Day 9: Karimabad – Gulmit - Passu - Beyond the Beaten Path!

Today, we venture beyond the beaten path with a scenic drive taking us past the mesmerizing Attabad Lake. This stunning body of water is the result of a devastating 2010 natural disaster, resulting in the blockage of the Hunza River and a natural dam forming, and subsequently flooding approximately 500 square kilometers of land! A real testament to nature’s extraordinary power.

We will delve into the treasures of Gulmit, including visits to The Gulmit Museum, the vibrant Polo ground, a glimpse of the historic Old House, a local handmade carpet center, and a chance to traverse the thrilling Hussaini suspension bridge.

After another delectable Pakistani lunch, our adventure continues with an invigorating hike to Kamaris village and the historic Andra Fort. This vantage point promises spectacular views of the iconic Passu cones. As the day winds down, rest for the night in the captivating village of Passu, where the magic of our journey continues to unfold.

Day 10: Passu to Borith Lake - A Journey Through Local Life

As the sun rises over Passu, we gear up for an exciting half-day hike that will take us through the heart of local villages and terraced landscapes. This trek is not just about the views, but a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local way of life and gain a deeper understanding of their agricultural practices.

Following the trek, enjoy a well-deserved lunch and some rest at Borith Lake – another one of the region's stunning bodies of water where tranquility meets the wilderness.

With memories etched in our hearts and minds, return to Passu, where the night holds promises of more adventures to come tomorrow.

Day 11: Passu Glacier Hike - Conquer the Frozen Frontier!

Today, it is time to conquer the frozen frontier as we embark on the dazzling Passu Glacier. Its shimmering, beaming white, creased surface is an icy sight to behold. Spend your afternoon at leisure in the charming Passu village, surrounded by the grandeur of nature.

Day 12: Passu – Chilas - Back to Reality!

We bid farewell to the mountains for our return south to Chilas, where we will stop for scenic photos along the way. Spend the night reminiscing about the epic trekking adventures over the last 12 days.

Day 13: Chilas - Islamabad - The Final Stretch!

Gearing up for the final leg of our journey; a full-day drive brings us back to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. In the summer months, traverse the mesmerizing Babusar Pass through the Kaghan Valley, a journey to never forget. Savour our last group dinner together on night 13.

Day 14: Islamabad - Home - Carry the Adventure with You!

As our trekking adventure nears its end, we say goodbye to our guide, but not before some free time to explore Islamabad further and soak up the city's culture one last time. This is the perfect time to do any last-minute souvenir shopping.

Finally, our two-week journey is at its end, and it is time to say our goodbyes as we head to the airport with memories of an unforgettable trekking experience in the stunning landscapes of Pakistan's North.

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