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Björn Pálsson




Years on the road

Number of countries visited

Favourite food

Street food

Best capital city

Amman, Tbilisi, Copenhagen and Nairobi

A Bit About Björn

When Björn discovered the traveling lifestyle there was no turning back. He quickly found a way to travel full time and the road became his home. His passion for adventures and traveling to lesser-known territories became his main focus. With no more than 7 kilos in his backpack, he wandered around the world exploring new places.

After over a decade of traveling, he wanted to do something more and share his travel experiences. 
Crazy Puffin Adventures was born to let people in on the journey and create unique adventures every year.

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A brief travel history


Moved to rural parts of Kenya to work in a primary and secondary school. Lived with no electricity and no running water for 1 year. Used the time off from work to travel around Africa.

Bjorn Palsson
adventure travel Bjorn Palsson

Moved to South Africa to study safari guiding. After living in the bush studying wild animals and nature he traveled around Africa and Asia.

Bjorn Palsson adventure tours


Bjorn Palsson adventure vacations


Worked and traveled in different places in Europe, to save up for more travels and upcoming school in South Africa. 

Bjorn Palsson travel
Bjorn Palsson Ice


Worked in Europe and went traveling in North America, Middle East, and Asia. Hitch-hiked through Lebanon and Jordan, rode motorbike down Vietnam, and started working in Cambodia. 

Traveling in North America
Bjorn Palsson travel

Lived on an island in Cambodia for a good part of the year. Traveled to Nepal to trek in the Himalayas, and went to northern Norway to work till the end of the year.

adventure trip
Bjorn Palsson trekking

A big trip around the Middle East and Asia. Hitch-hiked through Pakistan and Iran, traveled solo in Afghanistan, went snowboarding in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Visited over 20 countries in total.

Bjorn Palson Hitch-hiked through Pakistan and Iran
Bjorn Palsontravel solo in Pakistan



Moved to Svalbard for 4 months. Drove around Europe with friends, traveled to Cuba, and Central America. Ended the year working in North America.

Bjorn Palsson travel and adventure
Bjorn Palsson extreme travel

Travel to Iraq and Australia. After a couple of months in Australia, he moved to Sweden for the summer before heading back to Asia for more travels.

Travel to Iraq and Australia
Travel to Asia



Crazy Puffin was born and the first camping trip around Iceland started in June. Trips continued throughout the summer season till September. Björn spent the offseason in Indonesia and other parts of Sout East Asia

Bjorn Palsson Crazy Puffin Adventures
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online travel agent

Crazy Puffin camping trips continued operation during the summer season and they become very popular. During the offseason, he spent his time in South Europe and North Africa



Camping Trips
Travel to n South Europe and North Africa

Crazy Puffin stopped due to the Corona outbreak. Björn moved to Bahrain to run a plant-based restaurant. After 6 months living in the desert state, and traveling to Africa and the neighboring countries, he moved to south Norway and become a partner of another plant-based restaurant.

Bjorn Palson
travel companies

Crazy Puffin Adventures is born!!
Björn goes back to Iceland to set up the adventure company and creates exciting trips all over the world, while relaxing in hot springs and enjoying the homeland



Björn Palsson working on Crazy Puffin
exciting trips all over the world
Bjorn Palsson Around the world traveling

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