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If you’re looking for something really different in group travel, think Crazy Puffin Adventures.

So far, I’ve joined them on 4 amazing trips.
Every aspect of the tour was meticulously planned by Bjorn and his team who are supported by exceptional local partners.

      -Nick Hopkins Hall

               April 29th, 2023


Our Mission

Crazy Puffin Adventures  creates special and unusual travel experiences

off the beaten path, filled with adventures and activities. We travel to

less-visited countries that are often considered unsafe and show people the true colors of the nations and their culture.  We work with local guides and local tour agencies that support us on the ground in each country. 
Crazy Puffin plans to offset carbon emissions created from the tours by planting trees in partnership with Ecologi.

Find out more about our carbon offset project and follow the Crazy Puffin Adventure forest grow. 

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Our Story

Crazy Puffin Adventure company stretches its roots back to 2018 when we started offering budget camping trips around Iceland. Providing an all-inclusive  5-day camping trip around the county where we explored all the major highlights of Iceland. The tours became very popular and Crazy Puffin ran the camping trips for two successful seasons in 2018 & 2019.

Unable to continue operation due to the pandemic Crazy Puffin was determined to come back to create bigger, better, and wilder journeys than ever before. 




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​Björn ​Pálsson

Björn is an Icelander who quickly discovered his passion for travels and especially traveling through territories lesser known or out of the ordinary. Björn studied nature guiding in South Africa and has well over a decade in and around the travel industry. 

After ending the camping trips in Iceland Björn decided to start from scratch and come up with a new concept. Crazy Puffin Adventures was born to give people the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary and visit places they wouldn't dream of going to.

Crazy Puffin Tour with Bjorn Palsson
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Loïc Diedrichs


Loïc is a French passionate traveler and entrepreneur. He studied tropical agronomy and has traveled, worked and lived in 30+ countries on the 5 continents.


After various entrepreneurship experiences, he joined forces with Björn to develop Crazy Puffin Adventures and create amazing and daring itineraries around the globe.

When he is not on a trip, Loïc lives in the French Alps, where he practices all kinds of mountain sports such as climbing, skiing, canyoning, skydiving, and paragliding.


Meet The Team

Isak photographer Crazy Puffin

Isak Dalsfelt

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Isak is an amazing photographer and a videomaker. He is the head of the post-production of all media content.

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Annie is our Instagram and social media magician. She is the star behind all that cool content you see popping up on your social media from Crazy Puffin Adventures.

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