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5 reasons why you should visit Pakistan

1) Yes, Pakistan is safe

The number 1 question people ask about Pakistan is, Is it safe?

And that is understandable considering how the country has been portrayed in the news for the last couple of decades. It is true that sometimes Pakistan gets attacked by terrorist groups, but so do a lot of other countries. The Pakistani armed forces will do everything to keep you safe and the government is working hard to get tourism into the country. So to answer this question, the short answer is Yes, Pakistan is safe to travel around.

2) Pakistan is opening up to tourism and getting popular

In the past, getting Visa to Pakistan was a highly complicated process. Now the government of Pakistan is all focused on boosting tourism and has made the visa application a lot easier and available.

Pakistan is also becoming much more popular and might end up being the next big travel destination in Asia. Better go now and see it before it will be dominated by tourists.

3) The Karakoram Highway, the highest road in the world

The 1.300 kilometers road connects Islamabad to China. The Karakoram highway is said to be the highest paved international road in the world and has some of the best scenery the world has to offer. The mountain views are unbelievably stunning and you will drive past many mountains that peak over 7000m. The Karakoram highway is sometimes referred to as 'Eighth Wonder of the World' and driving the highway is definitely something you should experience sooner rather than later.

4) The Land of Hospitality

The Pakistani are unbelievably friendly and without a doubt, they will try to invite you for a cup of tea or try to welcome you in any other way. You will receive the same hospitality all over Pakistan, so use the time and make some friends for a lifetime. Sometimes you might feel like a celebrity, so be ready for 1000 handshakes and a lot of smiles from the local people.

5) Breathtaking landscapes

Pakistan stretches from the Arabian Sea in the South to the Karakoram mountain range in the North. The landscapes are absolutely out of this world and can vary from plains and deserts to forests and extremely high mountains. Traveling around Pakistan is something everyone must experience for themselves at least once in their life.


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