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Top 4 things to do and see in Madagascar

Madagascar is probably one of the most unique places in the world.

See our top 4 things to do and see there ...

1) Due to its geographical location, Madagascar has some of the highest and most unique biodiversity. 100% of the lemurs on the planet live there, chameleon species, birds, frogs, and mammals can be seen on the island. This list goes on and on...

2) We will also take on a remarkable 3-day river journey down the Tsiribihina river on a local canoe where we will camp on the riverside, make a campfire, play with the locals and bathe in waterfalls.

3) One of Madagascar's largest protected areas is Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park - home of one of the world’s most important and spectacular geological curiosities, covering an area of 157,710 ha.