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First off, some facts about Kurdistan.

So what is Kurdistan and where is it located?

Kurdistan is not an independent country. It is an autonomous geographic region in the north of Iraq where Kurds are the majority population. Since the fall of Saddam Hussein the Kurds have managed their own affairs, with their own military, police force, and even their own government. The gained autonomy has brought Kurdistan and its diverse minorities a sense of peace and stability. The land of Kurdistan looks drastically different from what you will find in the rest of Iraq. Most of Iraq has an arid climate, which means you will find deserts and plains - where Kurdistan is a semi-arid mountainous land. That means that more lush vegetation is found in Kurdistan.

And what is Iraqi Kurdistan?

Iraqi Kurdistan is also known as Southern Kurdistan refers to the Kurdish-populated part of northern Iraq and is considered as one of the four parts of Kurdistan.

As to why you should visit Iraqi Kurdistan, one of the main reasons is simply that travel to Iraqi Kurdistan is now possible. For a long time the threats of war and repression kept travelers away. But times have changed, these threats have faded away, and the region is open to welcome travelers again. Nowadays Iraqi Kurdistan is not what many people expect it to be. It’s quite far away from the dominant narrative of war and religious fanaticism that is fed by the media.

But of course, that is not the main reason why we at Crazy Puffins are exploring places like that. Iraqi Kurdistan is diverse, both culturally and geographically. This diversity means there is a great deal to do and see. Whether you are interested in bustling, exotic bazaars, battlefields dating back to times from long ago, jaw-dropping waterfalls nestled in lush, dramatic mountains, or remote monasteries and temples - not to mention Saddam’s Hussein legacy, visible in his palaces and memorial museums that tell us about his outrage.

Kurdistan really has it all.

Are you still looking for an adventurous "once-in-a-lifetime" experience? We at Crazy Puffin got you covered! Join us on our journey through Iraqi Kurdistan and be ready to explore destinations that barely no one ever visits.

  • Chat with picnicking locals and enjoy the lush greenery at the beautiful Ahmed Awa Waterfall in the Zagros Mountains near Sulaymaniyah

  • Wander through the ancient monuments and modern markets of Amedi

  • Get lost in the local bazars of Erbil and go back in time while exploring the Erbil Citadel

  • Visit Lalish - the holiest temple of practitioners of the Yazidi faith

  • Hike with us through the Zoragvan valley - It is a valley between two huge mountains, with iconic waterfalls and moss covered ancient trees

All these things and more are sure to make the trip an eye-opening and awe-inspiring adventure. You want to find out more about our tour? Here you can find the full travel itinerary and more.


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