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Motorbiking, River Rafting and Tiger Safari in North India

Northern India, also known as Hindustan, is a cultural region of India. It is formed by states and we are going on a wild journey through the off-beaten path.

Starting off the trip from Delhi to Rishikesh by train you will have the chance to lay back and enjoy the beautiful landscapes while taking a well-deserved rest after the long flight to the country.

Delhi Rishikesh by train

North India Himalayas motorbiking trip

In Rishikesh, we are going to test drive the motorbikes which will be our main transport for the next 3 days. The motorbiking trip through North India is fascinating due to the diverse flora and fauna you can enjoy there. Stopping by the small villages and taking pictures of the Himalayas in the background will create visual memories for life. This region also has a rich cultural heritage.

North India River Rafting Kali river

It's day 7 and the Rafting adventure begins. But safety first - explaining dos and don'ts while being in the river, general instructions, and advices to guide you through the water journey. Aaand you are ready to experience the thrill of grade 3 rapids. Floating by the pretty villages will add a touch of cultural experience, as well. A well-deserved dinner laughs and talks around the campfire will be the perfect end of this day.

In the next few days on the Kali river, we will go from grade 2 rapid to 4+!

The river banks sport stalactite and stalagmite formations, reminding us of what we learned in school.

The untouched beauty around is breathtaking and has us all wishing for the day not to end.

In the afternoon, we pitch camp near a waterfall and we can choose to hike up to it or laze around the campfire, eat dinner, and hit the sleeping bag.

North India Camping by the river

On the last day on the river, we start from Pari Gaon to reach the take-out at Boom. There is a distinct shift in the vegetation around as we enter the Terai region and you may find wild elephants sharing the river with you!

North India luxurious house

As you gorge on the excellent cuisine the guides and other experts would keep you entertained with their wonderful experiences of the jungle. Relax by the fire long into the night, listening to exclusive jungle sounds to finally rest it out in either mud huts or safari tents, which are both executively luxurious as well as personal.

North India Corbett safari tiger in the wild

Day 14th is all about Corbett Safari. From Bijrani forest many criss-cross jungle trails lead into the wild increasing your adrenaline level as you go further into the jungle area where you feel humans are basically outcasts as the wilderness of the area creeps in! We come out of the park for lunch and then re-enter again for an afternoon safari. It is 3 hours inside for each safari.

On day 15th all you will be thinking about is how fascinated, recharged and, full of new experiences, impressions, and knowledge you are after these two weeks of crazy adventures.

North India Corbett safari elephants playing in the wild

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