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Why do we go to Syria 🇸🇾 ?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

At Crazy Puffin we believe our mission is to go everywhere in the world and to encourage cultures and people encounters, above all political consideration. We believe that sharing with different people and understanding different ways of life is a great source of inspiration, and leads to more humility and tolerance. We believe than behind every government and conflict, there is a population, mostly uninvolved in these international questions, and always very happy to welcome foreigners and share with them.

The case of Syria

Syria has gone through a lot in the past decade and finally, we have the chance to visit and explore the beauty and the rich history of the country.

Before the war started in 2011 tourism was increasing a lot in Syria and Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor had listed Syria as the next "hot destination" to go to.

Tourism was one of Syria’s economic pillars before the war broke out. Back in 2010 more than 8,5 million people visited Syria. To put that in perspective, 7,4 million international tourists visited Australia back in 2015. The Syrian people have worked really hard to restore the country after a decade of war and are excited to be able to invite tourism back into the country.

We sat down and had a chat with our tour leader Mr. Ayoub and asked him some questions regarding safety in Syria.

Mr. Ayoub told us that tourists started coming back to Syria around 2018. "Everything under Syrian government control is safe and the community is great, everything mentioned in the itinerary is safe.

Syrian army protects all of the area's and there's no problem with something like walking alone at night and so, the only thing you need to do is avoid taking photos of checkpoints and military points."