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Meet Björn - the founder of Crazy Puffin Adventures

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Björn went on his first big trip in 2010, since then there was no turning back.

He moved to Kenya at the age of 20, where he worked as a teacher and used his free time to travel around Africa. In the next 12 years, he traveled full time and lived in various places, from South Africa to Svalbard in the arctic.

He is currently working on his new adventure travel company - Crazy Puffin Adventures while roaming around the world, getting inspired for new trips for the company.

Born in Iceland with a passion for adventures and traveling to lesser-known territories became his main focus in life. Some of his memorable journeys have been:

  1. Traveling Solo in Afghanistan, where he crossed the border from Uzbekistan and stayed in Mazer-e-Sharif. After seeing north Afghanistan he then took a bus to Kabul and stayed there for over a week, exploring Kabul and the surroundings.

2. Hitch-hiking through Pakistan and Iran. Where he shared most of his journey with different truck drivers. By accident, he ended up in a car trafficking drugs from Pakistan to China but managed to run out when the car stopped for pedestrians. On his way from North Pakistan back to Islamabad he got stopped by the Police and they insisted on giving him an armed guard to escort him all the way back where he shared the front seat with armed police for the next 16 hours. What hospitality!

3. Living in rural Kenya for 1 year with no running water and no electricity. There he lived 40 kilometers from the next tarmac road and had to take a boat over lake Victoria to reach the nearest town. Only relying on rainwater for drinking, washing, and bathing...

His love for traveling and exploring new and unusual places, meeting the kindness of the locals, and the variety of activities the world has to offer inspired him to establish Crazy Puffin Adventures. The goal is to keep exploring and invite other thirsty travelers to join our unique travel excursion.

Crazy Puffin Adventures travel to less-visited countries that are often considered unsafe and show people the true colors of the nations and their culture. All our expeditions will be filmed and we documented the whole journey to show all the exciting things we encounter on the way. We work with local guides and local tour agencies that support us on the ground in each country.


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