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Digital Nomad Stories w/ Björn Palsson.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Anne From ThePodcastBabes who hosts the show 'Digital Nomad Stories' called up Björn for a chat about his travels and the upcoming journies with Crazy Puffin Adventures.

Anne who is a digital nomad was very excited about the trips Crazy Puffin is offering and surely promised to join us on a trip in the future.

Björn told Anne about how he used to support his travel by working as a chef all over the world before he started his own tour company.

He also gave tips on the best places to visit in 2022 and how young travelers could find ways to support themself on the road.

They talk about how Crazy Puffin Adventures grew from only offering camping trips in Iceland to now offering adventures all over the world, and how Björn used the times of covid lockdown to work on the new concept and plan the upcoming adventures.

Listen to Anne and Björn right here.


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