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7 Questions for Mr. Ayoub, our local tour leader in Syria.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Mr. Ayoub has led many tours around Syria and loves to travel and show visitors his beautiful country. Mr. Ayoub will take us around Syria for 10 days and we decided to ask him few questions about the trip.

1. What is your favorite part of Syria to travel to?

Krak Des chevaliers, it's a charming place with beautiful nature and great history.

  • Krak Des chevaliers is a castle originally built for the Emir of Aleppo in 1031. The castle is today listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2. Is it safe to travel in Syria?

Everything under Syrian government control is safe and the community is great, everything mentioned in the itinerary is safe.

  • Mr. Ayoub helped us to make an amazing 10-day itinerary through Syria where safety is our top priority.

3. How Is the security in the country?

Syrian army protects all of the area's and there's no problem with something like walking alone at night and so, the only thing you need to do is avoid taking photos of checkpoints and military points.

4. When did you start getting tourists back in the country?

We started getting tourists back in late 2018.

  • Before the start of the Syrian Civil War, 8.5 million tourists visited Syria in 2010