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7 Pro Tips For Traveling In Dangerous Countries w/ Björn Palsson

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Listen to Jason Moore and Björn sit down and talk about growing up in Iceland, being a nomad, adventures on the road, the upcoming trips with Crazy Puffin Adventures, and life in general.

They talk about how to sustain the traveling lifestyle and why people travel to dangerous countries.

A few of the highlights of the conversation are:

1) The first time Björn left home and moved to rural parts of Kenya

2) Björn and Jason talk about his adventures while hitch-hiking in Iran and Pakistan

3) The origins of Crazy Puffin Adventures with info about the upcoming trips you don't want to miss out!

Then Jason asked Björn to come up with 7 pro tips for people who want to travel to dangerous countries.


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